HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And if you’re a Burbank homeowner, you should be happy, as 2017 concluded with the median Burbank single family home value rising to an incredible $778,000! Likewise, if you own a condo in Burbank, as that median value rose nicely as well, ending the year at $516,000!

From a Sellers’ standpoint, the  “good news” should continue in 2018, largely due to a continuing basic “supply and demand” dynamic. In my 31 years selling real estate here in Burbank, I have NEVER seen inventory levels so low! As of the first day of 2018, there are a whole 25 SFRs currently on the market. Yes, that’s right, a mere 25! Even less condominiums – 9 (4 if you take out 5 very overpriced listings in a newly constructed building). Obviously, those numbers will grow as we enter the Spring/Summer selling season. But I don’t think we’ll be back up to levels that we’ve averaged for approximately the last 3 years, when inventory hovered between 75-90 SFRs and 25-40 condos (and even those ranges don’t represent a “normal” amount of inventory). Hence, competition among too many qualified Buyers chasing too few properties will keep values increasing, but in my opinion, more moderately given expected rising interest rates. Suffice it to say, not the best market for Buyers, especially young, first-timers. Of the current 25 homes listed for sale, a measly four are priced below $700,000 (and frankly, those homes, in my opinion, are garbage!) The least expensive condo/townhome is listed at $395,000 (on the market for 110+days), then a “fixer” offered at $445,000 and an overpriced unit going for $539,000 – that’s it! The remaining inventory is $700,000 and above!

Whether you’re considering buying or selling , please give me a call me to discuss this unprecedented Burbank real estate market and how you can cash in!  OR become a real estate owner who benefits from the Burbank community and its strong and seemingly ever-rising home values!