History of Dilbeck

The History of Dilbeck- An Enduring Family Legacy

Ray Dilbeck – Founder
Mark Dilbeck – President

Dilbeck Realtors was built on a commitment to superior service, honesty, integrity and the value of home ownership and family.

The families who set the foundation pieces for Dilbeck GMAC Real Estate created a legacy within the real estate community dating back decades. Dilbeck GMAC Real Estate, formerly Keeler Dilbeck Realtors, traces its corporate roots to 1950 when Bliss Keeler founded his company in the San Gabriel Valley.

Before merging with Bliss Keeler in 1993, Ray Dilbeck began building his family business in 1963.Today, Ray Dilbeck’s sons and their colleagues lead the firm. The company’s current leaders are still guided by ideals and principles on which Ray and the firm’s other founders stood.

As Dilbeck Realtors has grown, it has stayed true to the characters of its founders, maintained its dedication to superior customer service, and continued to update its state-of-the-art marketing and technological resources. After decades, Dilbeck Realtors continues to have a reputation for outstanding professionalism and a commitment to the communities it serves.

The firm and its real estate professionals have grown along with the communities they serve. Most associates have been raised or live in their local market area. They have an intimate knowledge of the character of each local community, its schools, recreational facilities, shopping opportunities, and transportation.

This community background, combined with the skills of highly trained professionals, make Dilbeck Realtors Associates ready to satisfy the specific needs of all their clients and meet the unique challenges encountered when selecting or selling a home.

In short, to the Dilbeck Realtors family, every handshake, client and local community is important.