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If you want to know what Los Angeles looked like during Hollywood’s Golden Age, head to Burbank. Once you’ve driven around the city, explored its diverse neighborhoods, and taken a look at the different houses for sale in Burbank, you’ll notice how charming and old-fashioned the community remains despite the many changes that the years have wrought.

Burbank has transitioned from an agricultural region to a manufacturing town to an aviation center to a hub for film and television production. It is as warm and welcoming as it has always been, however, which is one of the reasons why houses for sale in Burbank are as attractive as they are. Now known as “the Media Capital of the World,” Burbank is home to several major studios and at least 30% of its workforce works in media-related jobs. This is where you’ll find the international headquarters of The Walt Disney Company, which employs almost 10,000 people full-time, as well as that of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Houses for Sale in Burbank

Burbank’s serene and leafy neighborhoods help maintain the city’s small-town feel, as does a downtown area that is eminently walkable even though it has slowly expanded over the years. Many of the houses for sale in Burbank also enhance the city’s retro appeal—browse through Burbank home listings and you’ll find a wide range of residences here that were built from the 1920s to the 1960s. If you’re on the lookout for more recently built real estate, Burbank offers a variety of contemporary properties as well, including a fine selection of custom-built luxury homes in the Hallston and Highridge areas.

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